Hydroca Hobby 200

High-quality plant LED with first-class price-performance ratio

  • 200 W effective power
  • 2450 µmol/m²/sec PPFD at 30 cm
  • Illumination surface
    • Recommendation: 50 x 60 cm
    • maximum: 60 x 70 cm

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A worthy successor

Hydroca has been very active Growing LEDs with the 2017 released Blue Line Series, which particularly impressed with its excellent price-performance ratio. After this year's presentation of the high-quality Hydroca Ambiton LED series, which, as the name suggests, is tailored to the needs of ambitious professionals, the Hydroca Hobby LEDs on the market. They serve as successors to the Blue Line Series and will replace them completely, so that even beginners have the chance to get a convincing product at the current state of the art.

New colour scheme and improved performance

The Hydroca Hobby Series is of the same design and appearance as its predecessor - the improvements can be found inside the compact luminaires. What is striking here is the changed colour spectrum, which corresponds one to one to that of the Ambition lamps, and in comparison to the older Blue Line Generation covers the needs of your plants more comprehensively. The emitted light, which appears white, is composed of exactly the wavelengths that your plant needs for healthy growth and successful flowering, thus ensuring a high yield. With a beam angle of 90°, the LEDs direct their light directly onto your lamps. With a photon current density of 1448-2450 µmol/m²/sec at 30 cm (depending on the version), they ensure sufficient and efficient illumination of your grow room.

Furthermore, Hydroca has increased the effective output of its lamps and adapted them to today's standards by using modern technology and high-quality components. The proven OSRAM LED chips guarantee a long life of 50,000 operating hours. Like the previous version, the Hobby Series in three different versions, which differ in performance and size:

Hobby 100

  • 100 W effective power

  • Illumination area: 60*50 cm

  • 1660 µmol/m²/sec PPFD at 30 cm

Hobby 200

  • 200 W effective power

  • Illumination area: 60*70 cm

  • 2450 µmol/m²/sec PPFD at 30 cm

Hobby 300

  • 300 W effective power

  • Illumination area: 80*80 cm

  • 1448 µmol/m²/sec PPFD at 30 cm

In the area of Grow LEDs the Hydroca offers you Hobby Series provides reliable lighting that is not only good value for money but also efficient and supports your plants in all phases.

How the Guru does it - tips

If you use your plant lamp for cuttings and during the growth phase, it is sufficient to switch on only the blue and white LEDs (switch 1). After the growth phase you should switch on both colours for best results.

Growing You can operate LEDs very close above the plants - the closer the better. A few centimetres distance is sufficient (20-30cm); however, you will then have to adjust the lamps every day. To make this process comfortable we recommend our Grow Guru Mounting kit.

For best results you should also pay attention to the recommended illumination area, which Hydroca specifies for all its lamps as follows:

Recommendation = optimal to very good illumination of the entire surface

Maximum = sufficient illumination

Technical details

  • Effective consumption: 200 W

  • Maximum illumination area: 60*70 cm

  • Osram LED chips for growth, flowering and complete

  • 2 switches for white/blue and red

  • IP32 Water & dust protection

  • 50.000 hours lifetime

  • Exposure angle 90°

  • CE & RoHS Certification

  • Color spectrum exactly matches the PAR spectrum for excellent photosynthesis and growth

  • Weight: 4,5 kg

  • Dimensions: 30,5 * 30 * 9,7 cm

  • 2 years manufacturer warranty
  • Information on the PAR value:

At a distance of 30cm the photon current density (PPFD, "PAR value") is 2450 µmol/m²/sec.

At a distance of 40cm the photon current density (PPFD, "PAR value") is 1596 µmol/m²/sec.

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